Investment-linked assurance schemes ("ILAS")

Important notes

  1. Matterhorn is an investment-linked assurance scheme (“ILAS policy”) which is a life insurance policy issued by Zurich Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited (“Zurich”, “We”, “we”, “us”).
  2. This ILAS policy is subject to an upfront charge of 1.38% per annum (i.e., 6.9% in total within the first five policy years) of the initial single premium paid over the first five policy years and a surrender charge of up to 6% of the initial single premium paid within the first five policy years. It is only suitable for investors who are prepared to hold the investment for a long-term period.
  3. If you are not prepared to hold your policy for at least eight years, this policy is not suitable for you and it may be cheaper to purchase an insurance policy and make separate fund investments. You should seek independent professional advice.
  4. It is not a bank savings product. Your investments are subject to the credit risks of Zurich and other investment risks. Although your ILAS policy is a life insurance policy, the policy value is linked to the performance of the corresponding underlying funds of the investment choices as selected by you from time to time, and are subject to investment risks and market fluctuation. The policy value and benefits payable may be significantly less than your initial single premium paid and may not be sufficient for your individual needs.
  5. What you are investing in is an ILAS policy. The premium paid by you towards the ILAS policy, and any investments made by Zurich in the underlying funds, will become and remain part of the assets of Zurich. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against Zurich only.
  6. The premium received from you will be invested by Zurich into the underlying funds corresponding to the investment choices as selected by you for our asset liability management. However, the unit(s) allocated to your ILAS policy is notional and is solely for the purpose of determining the policy value and benefits of your ILAS policy.
  7. The value of your ILAS policy is calculated by us based on the performance of your selected investment choices (linked to the corresponding underlying funds). Besides, your return under the ILAS policy is subject to various ongoing fees and charges levied by us and will be lower than the return of the corresponding underlying funds.
  8. The investment choices available under Matterhorn can have very different features and risk profiles. Some may be of high risk. Corresponding underlying funds of some investment choices are derivative funds where the net derivative exposure may be exceeding 50% or even more than 100% of its net asset value. They may only be suitable for investors who understand the complicated structure of derivative products and their associate risk. You may incur significant loss if you invest in such investment choices. You are strongly advised to exercise caution in relation to such investment choices.
  9. More importantly, you should be aware that cost of insurance (“insurance charges”) is one of the applicable fees and charges in the ILAS policy. Cost of insurance is used to cover the insurance protection and will be deducted from your ILAS policy. It may increase significantly during the policy term when the life insured gets older or your investments make a loss, etc.
  10. This ILAS policy is designed to be held for a long-term period. Early termination, surrender, partial withdrawal and regular withdrawal from the ILAS policy may result in a significant loss of your investment and premium paid as well as bonuses awarded (if applicable). Poor performance of the underlying funds may further magnify the investment losses while all fees and charges are still deductible.
  11. You should note that any partial withdrawal/regular withdrawal may reduce the total account value. Once the total account value drops to zero, your ILAS policy will be terminated and you may lose a substantial portion of your investments and all the benefits (including life insurance coverage) under the ILAS policy.
  12. Investment involves risk. You should not purchase this ILAS policy unless you understand it and your licensed insurance intermediary has explained to you how it is suitable for you. You should also not invest into this ILAS policy based on this website only. The final decision is yours.
  13. You should read the offering documents of Matterhorn for further details including the risk factors and the underlying funds, which can be obtained from your licensed insurance intermediary or Zurich upon request, for details. You should be aware of the overall risk factors of this ILAS policies.

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Matterhorn is a single premium investment-linked assurance scheme (“ILAS policy”) with both insurance and investment elements which may help you achieve your financial goals over your lifetime.

Why Matterhorn?

Matterhorn offers you lifelong insurance coverage and access to a range of investment choices which are linked to the underlying funds that are managed by fund managers worldwide.

Please refer to the offering documents of Matterhorn or contact us for further details.

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